Students may qualify for an initial Oklahoma teaching certificate if they:

1.         complete a teacher certification program,

2          pass the Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET), the Oklahoma Subject Area Test(s) (OSAT), and the Oklahoma Professional Teaching Exam (OPTE),

3.         satisfy the requirement for foreign language competency,

4.         submit a satisfactory professional portfolio to the Director of Teacher Education, and

5.         submit fingerprints for background check to the Oklahoma State Department of Education.



Teacher Education Paraprofessional Option


The federal reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), also known as the "No Child Left Behind" Act, requires Title I paraprofessionals working as teacher assistants to be highly qualified.  Oklahoma’s legislature recognizes that public school paraprofessionals play an important role in educating school children and in assisting teachers.  An Oklahoma Title I Paraprofessional Credential is available to persons meeting the following requirements:

·        Has a high school diploma or GED diploma, and

·        Has met a career development paraprofessional program approved by the State Board of Education, and

·        Has on file with the OSDE a current Oklahoma criminal history record from the OSBI as well as a national fingerprint-based criminal history record provided by the FBI.

The second requirement can be met by completing at least 48 hours of study at an institution of higher education.  Successful completion of the following Paraprofessional Core of classes at USAO would prepare a candidate for employment as a paraprofessional in a school classroom or for Admission to the Teacher Education Program toward full teacher licensure:

IDS 1001         Freshman Orientation

IDS 1013         Rhetoric and Public Speaking

IDS 1113         Writing I

IDS 1213         Writing II

IDS 1133         Individuals in Contemporary Society

IDS 1223         Math in the Modern World

IDS 2003         Introduction to Computer Science

IDS 2013         Physical Science

IDS 2023         Life Science

IDS 2133         American Civilization I

EDUC 2002     Orientation to Teaching

EDUC 2011     Directed Field Experience I

EDUC 2022     Education of the Exceptional Child

EDUC 2103     Human Growth and Development


12 hours of Electives, recommended to include:

IDS 2143         American Civilization II

Begin a foreign language

6 hours in one area of interest,

i.e. candidates desiring to work with children in pre-school, elementary or middle school should consider:

MATH 2113    Number Systems and Problem Solving and

EDUC 2323     Reading I