Bachelor of Science

This degree program is offered through the Division of Education and Speech Language Pathology and combines liberal arts learning with teacher preparation. Its goal is to become effective teachers for young children and to obtain an Oklahoma teaching certificate in early childhood education. The program is a standards-based program, based upon the guidelines set forth by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the Oklahoma State Competencies, the findings from Effective Teacher research, and the philosophy of a balanced curriculum for the whole child. Collectively, these standards, research findings, and philosophy provide the knowledge base for what early childhood teachers should know and do.

Individuals successfully completing this program are qualified to obtain an Oklahoma teaching certificate in early childhood education to teach pre-kindergarten through third grade in an elementary school (PK-3). Since USAO teacher certification programs are nationally certified by The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) certification in other states is simplified.  It is recommended that certification be initially obtained in Oklahoma prior to seeking certification from another state. 

The following degree plan lists the course work required to obtain a degree and teaching certificate in Early Childhood Education. For more information on this program, e-mail Dr. Donna Gower, faculty advisor; or contact the Teacher Education Office in Gary Hall (405-574-1328).

The USAO Early Childhood curriculum includes coursework from the liberal arts, professional education and early childhood areas.  This broad-based, interdisciplinary curriculum enables students to develop a breadth of knowledge and skills that prepare them to be effective educators.

The USAO Child Development Center operates a school for sixteen three- and four-year olds.  In addition to field-based experiences in public school classrooms, early childhood majors spend numerous hours working with children in the Child Development Center.

Early Childhood Education Degree Plan

Program Requirements

    Required General Education/Liberal Arts Courses: 47 Hours

    • IDS 1001 Freshman Orientation
    • IDS 1013 Rhetoric/Critical Thinking
    • IDS 1113 Writing I
    • IDS 1213 Writing II
    • IDS 1133 Individual in Contemporary Society
    • IDS 1223 Mathematics in the Modern World
    • IDS 2013 Foundations of Physical Science
    • IDS 2023 Foundations of Life Science
    • IDS 2011 Foundations of Life Science Lab
    • IDS 2133 American Civilization (History/Government) I
    • IDS 2143 American Civilization (History/Government) II
    • IDS 3223 Political and Economic Systems
    • IDS 3313 World Thought and Culture I (to 500 C.E)
    • IDS 3323 World Thought and Culture II (500 to 1650 C.E.)
    • IDS 4333 World Though and Culture III (1650 C.E. to Present).
    • IDS 4522 Senior Seminar
    • PHED 1011 Concepts of Health and Fitness
    • PHED 1 hour Activity
    • Artistic Expression Requirement, 2 hrs.


    Required Professional Education Courses: 28 Hours

    EDUC 2002 Orientation to Teaching
    EDUC 2011 Directed Field Experiences I
    EDUC 2022 Education of the Exceptional Child
    EDUC 3102 Educational Psychology
    EDUC 3211 Directed Field Experiences II
    EDUC 3343 Educational Media and Technology

    EDUC 3443 Child Development
    EDUC 4442 Classroom Management and Evaluation Theory

    *EDUC 4410 Student Teaching
    *EDUC 4542 Applied Professional Studies

    *Courses must be taken concurrently.

    Required Early Childhood Education Courses: 44 Hours

    • EDUC 1123 Health, Safety and Nutrition 
    • EDUC 3003 Language Arts in Elementary School
    • EDUC 3303 Early Childhood Education: Cognitive Skills/Arts and Movement
    • EDUC 2323 Reading I: Foundations of Literacy
    • EDUC 3222 Reading II: Strategies & Materials for Lit. Instruction
    • EDUC 3312 Primary Math Methods
    • EDUC 4233 Early Childhood Education: Curriculum and Program Planning
    • EDUC 4313 Child Guidance 
    • EDUC 4323 Reading III: Assessment & Instruction of Literacy
    • EDUC 4412 Early Childhood Education: Practicum 
    • ENGL 3302 Literature for Young People
    • MATH 2113 Number Systems/Problem Solving
    • MATH 3113 Foundations of Geometry/Measurement
    • NSCI 2423 Science in the Elementary School
    • NSCI 2113  Geology/Oceanography
    • MATH: 3 Hour Math Elective
    • Electives (5 hrs.)

    Add-On Elementary Education

    Candidates seeking Early Childhood certification can also receive Elementary Education certification by successfully completing ALL Early Childhood requirements AND

    • Passing the Elementary Education OSAT
    • Completing the following 8 hours with a "C" or better:

               EDUC 3203 School & Society

               EDUC 3221 Directed Field Experience Supplement

               EDUC 3321 Elementary Math Teaching Strategies

               EDUC 4003 Social Studies in the Elementary School 

    Candidates already Early Childhood Education certified must complete transcript evaluation for Early Childhood major requirements.