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The USAO Teacher Education Program welcomes your ideas, questions, and comments as they relate to the preparation of innovative, effective teachers committed to helping all children learn.


The 2013 Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation

The 2013 Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation’s (OCTP) first year teacher survey data identified student teaching as the backbone of Oklahoma’s Colleges of Teacher Education programs, a 91% endorsement. 

This pattern has continued over the past four years...

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TEACHING 2030: Leveraging Teacher Preparation 2.0

Teacher preparation of today and tomorrow needs to equip new recruits to teach highly mobile students, develop their own assessments, improve data systems, engage parents and policymakers, and lead the transition of many of our high-needs schools into 24/7 community hubs. Download and read the entire report.

An Open Letter to Those Interested in Teacher Preparation
The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma has produced effective educators since the 1920s when the college was known as Oklahoma College for Women.  That proud tradition of graduating quality teachers continues at USAO today.  Continue Reading Here.
USAO Announces a New Partnership
Teacher Education at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO) is launching a new partnership approach to the clinical side of teacher preparation.  Teachers and prospective teachers will be teamed as “two trained adults collaborating, planning and teaching” with one focus in mind – increased student learning.  Continue Reading Here.
Colleges of Education are Dedicated to Oklahoma’s Education Goals

While the structure, curriculum, and approach to educating children is under much debate, the importance and demand for qualified teachers and school leaders remains a certainty. To continue reading click here.

Reform in Education is not a new concept.

Diane Ravitch outlines the ever changing reform agenda in her book, The Death and Life of the Great American School System. What is new is that there appears to be more unity among the educational community in defining what "forward progress" looks like.

Historically, the field of education has been highly vulnerable to political and private sector ideology.  To continue reading click here.

Teacher education forum finds new life online

A new initiative allowing the public to review and comment on changes being made in teaching education programs across the state has been launched at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma. To continue reading click here.

USAO Conducts Task Force on Teacher Prep

A task force more than a year in planning was convened to dream the clinical preparation of tomorrow’s teachers at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO). To continue reading click here.