The applicant for admission to the USAO Teacher Education Program brought the following materials to the interview with the Screening Committee:

              1._____           Degree/Certification Program Checksheet

              2._____           Professional Portfolio Notebook includes two

                                      critique/reflection essays and a copy of the admission


              3._____           Professional Portfolio Personal File Box includes two

                                      artifacts corresponding to the critique/reflection essays.

              4._____           A tentative graduation plan (optional) indicating when

                                      he/she anticipates his/her Professional Trimester.


                   The applicant provided a satisfactory oral definition/description of at least one of the following term(s).

             1._____             Interdisciplinary Instruction

             2._____             Liberal Arts Curriculum

             3._____             Effective Teaching Research

             4._____             Standards-based model


             Evidence of working with children:

                ____    Field Experience OR

             ____    Other  ______________________________________


             ____    The applicant received information concerning Teacher Shortage Areas.


             ____    Application file is complete: application, essay, disposition statement,

                         four recommendations, program checksheet, transcript, oral English

                         screening, field evidence.


              Upon concluding the interview, the applicant was told:

                      _____   All requirements appear to have been met and that his/her name will

                                    be submitted to the Teacher Education Committee this month to be

                                    recommended for admittance to the USAO Teacher Education



            _____   His/Her name will be submitted this month upon the completion of

                           the following requirement(s):

  _____   Rewrite/make corrections to application essay and return it to

                 the Teacher Education Office by next Monday.

  _____   Obtain required recommendations/signature(s) and return to

                 the Teacher Education Office by next Monday.

                     _____  ________________________________________



                     _____   One or more of the requirements has NOT been met.  Therefore,

                                    his/her application will be held until the end of the semester.  At that

                                    time, if all requirements have been met, his/her name will be

                                    submitted to the Teacher Education Committee with a

                                    recommendation to admit.  If requirements have NOT been met,

                                    then the Committee will recommend that he/she be denied

                                    admittance to the Teacher Education Program.


           _____    The Committee recommends that he/she be denied admission to

                          Teacher Education for the following reason(s): 





(Signature of Screening Committee Interviewer)