Festival of Art and Ideas Spring 2013


This festival has been rescheduled for March 11-12.


University of Science and Arts

Balroom (2nd Floor: Student Center) | 7:30p

Free and open to the public, refreshments served

With roots that stretch back before the written word, stories form the spine of the human experience as they entertain, educate and inform our experience of who we are and what we mean.


Presentation topics will include

Storytelling:  Memory, Identity, Narrative and the Quest for Meaning –

The (De)evolution of the Hero:  A Search for Meaning Within the Modern Context

Woody Guthrie:  Stories in Song

"One Time, This Guy I Knew": Urban Legends as Markers for Social Norms-

 What Words are Needed for a Story?

Enraptured by Raptors:  How One Woman's Story Inspired a Movement to Save an American Symbol

Personal narratives from Quang Van Tran and Jacquelyn Knapp

Emcees: Dr. Dan Hanson and Katie Davis


The Festival of Arts and Ideas is made possible through the generous support of the Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma’s Endowment for Cultural Enrichment held at the USAO Foundation, Inc.