Festival of Arts & Ideas

USAO Ballroom

Student Center

Creativity Across Disciplines


Dr. Stephen Weber's Curiosities for Prepared Piano: The Slug and the Campfire, Hide 'n' Seek- Dr. Stephen Weber, Rhenada Finch

Creativity Panel- Dr. John Bruce (Literature), Dr. Sean Kelley (Physical Education), Stephen Breerwood (Art), Dr. Dexter Marble (Vice-President of Academic Affairs, moderator)

Paul Creston's Sonata, Op. 19 for Eb Saxophone- Beki Ervin, Rhenada Finch

From Dr. Stephen Weber's Eclecticset for Percussion Quartet- Alex McCabe, Rhenada Finch, Ariel Morgan, Jeff Eike

Creativity Panel

From Dr. Stephen Weber's Quips, Quotes and Quibbles for Voice and Piano- Dr. Ken Bohannon, Dr. Stephen Weber

Creativity Panel

Joe Settlemires and Combo


11/02/2010 - 7:30pm - 9:30pm