Quick Reference Guide for Digital Telephone Usage

USAO’s phone system lets you check your office messages from anywhere on campus OR from off-campus, whether you’re in your office, at your house, in another town, city, on vacation in the Bahamas, etc

Here’s how:


1.      Dial 574-1390 (if you’re dialing from outside the 405 area code, then please dial 405 first).

2.      You will hear the USAO Operator’s pre-recorded greeting (“Hello, you’ve reached our voice messaging system …”).

3.      While she is talking, press the asterisk/star button (*) plus your phone’s 4-digit EXTENSION NUMBER.

4.      Follow the voice mail instructions.

Quick Tip:

  • Our phone system lets you immediately know if you are receiving a call from off-campus or on-campus. If the phone rings, and the rings are short, then the caller is calling you from somewhere on-campus. If the rings are long, then the caller is calling you from off-campus.

 You can also bookmark the following webpages for quick reference guides to using your new digital phone and also voicemail usage information:


Here's the phone list (constantly kept up-to-date and accurate, for on campus use only) on the web, of all USAO staff and faculty members:   phones.usao.edu