Mentor Teacher Information

Your willingness to assist in the clinical experiences of future teachers is critical to their readiness for the 'real world' of teaching.

  • College students in Level 1 Clinical Experiences are often in "decision making" mode - is teaching the right path?  For what age/grade level/subject area am I best suited?   Will I be able to help all children learn?
  • Teacher Candidates in Level 2 Clinical Experiences are more committed to a career in teaching and have usually decided on a certification area.  Permitting them to teach a lesson to children may be a new experience for them.
  • Teacher candidates in Level 4 Clinical Experiences are in their Professional Trimester (student teaching).  This is their final Clinical Experience before applying for teacher certification.

Matching your schedule with that of a college student can be challenging. What you can provide below regarding your daily or weekly schedule will help, i.e. times, days. . .

Fall 2013 is our first attempt at electronic forms.