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Myths reborn in gallery exhibit

For centuries, people engaged with culture through art more than the written word. Stories of gods and men were captured in paintings, sculpture and architecture to transmit eternal messages down through the ages. Though the spread of literacy altered that balance for a time, the urge to represent myths and stories through art has never gone away.

Artists Rudy Ellis and Natalie Garrison have tapped into that ancient impulse by masterfully combining photography, graphic art and digital manipulation into one breathtaking experience.

The show, titled From Delphi to Jerusalem, is scheduled to open with a reception beginning at 7 pm on Saturday at the Nesbitt Gallery at the University of Science and Arts in Chickasha.

Fall trimester kicks off Sept. 3

It may not be 115 degrees outside but summer is definitely coming to a close and that means the fall trimester at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma is about to begin.

Classes begin Sept. 3 with enrollment continuing through Sept. 9.

7 State Biennial Exhibition Prospectus available online; deadline Aug. 26

The rules and entry form for the Nesbitt Gallery's 7 State Biennial Exhibition are available online now. Click HERE to download the prospectus.

USAO launches mobile friendly website

After more than a year of planning and development, the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma has launched a new mobile-friendly website designed to serve current and future students better than ever.

The website can be found online at

Holland retires from USAO with legacy of service

Diane Holland had a five-year plan.

After working as a speech pathologist for the Norman Public School system, she was intrigued by the possibility of teaching when a position at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma opened up but didn’t want to become too far removed from working with clients.

Twenty-two years later, Diane Holland is retiring from a career of educating speech pathologists who have gone on to treat thousands and from running the John Morris Speech and Language Clinic that has helped hundreds in Chickasha and the surrounding communities.