Membership Benefits

Pi Gamma Mu at USAO

  1. Lifetime membership. This means you do not pay any membership fee for life
  2. When you go to graduate school, all you have to do is register as a PI Gamma MU more fees



  1. Lifelong Prestige: You remain a member forever
  2. Leadership: Test your leadership skill in college. Your ability to organize, support, and motivate groups is an important asset. Locate your talent and develop new skills as a member of a respectable group
  3. Membership in Pi Gamma Mu may increase the Civil Service rating at which a person enters federal service. This means more money in your pocket.  
  4. Employers look for honor society status on resumes.  Membership in Pi Gamma Mu is a valuable asset. Partnership with Experience makes locating employers easy and your employment chances much better
  5. Conferences: Attend PGM biannual conferences and have the opportunity to present your research
  6. Scholarship: You can be the recipient of a $2,000 or $1,000 award to attend graduate school
  7. Publication: Have the opportunity to publish your research in a respected reviewed journal. The International Social Science Review is the journal of the Pi Gamma Mu international honor society for the social sciences. The Review accepts proposals of articles for possible publication, after peer review
  8. And more...