Cooperating Teacher Question Page


Now answer these questions and email document to

You may want to print the document and mail to:

                                    Dr. Nancy Hector

                                    University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma

                                    1727 Alabama Ave.

          Chickasha, OK 73018

  1. My student teacher will be at my school on which days of the week?
    1. Monday to Friday except Wednesday afternoon
    2. Tuesday through Friday
    3. Monday through Thursday
  1. My student teacher has completed what?
    1. Fingerprinting and Background checks
    2. All  of her classes
    3. Has made A’s and B’s in all course work.
  1. A student teacher must do which of the following?
    1. Student teach 60 days
    2. Pass 3 state exams
    3. Complete  2 courses of a foreign language
    4. All of the above
  1. As a cooperating teacher, I must complete
    1. One evaluation form
    2. Three evaluation forms
    3. Sign all lesson plans
  1. If I follow the schedule of teaching for my student teacher, she must be  

      completely on her own for:

  1. the entire 7 weeks
  2. for 5 of the 7 weeks
  3. for at least one week