EDUC 2022


EDUC 2022, Education of the Exceptional Child, is a survey course concerning all types of exceptional children and instruction on identifying children with learning disabilities, mental retardation, and other types of disabilities. There is an emphasis on methods and techniques of identification, teaching, and resource assistance available to teachers.

The companion website is used with this class or you may use the companion website You are expected to access one of these sites to study for quizzes.

Powerpoint presentations are designed to aid students in learning information presented in class. Presentations from lectures are available at this site, unless attendance for any two consecutive class periods is less than 80% of the class enrollment.

Please find Powerpoint presentations from lectures for the following chapters:

Reminder!!! We are following a revised syllabus which is linked above. 

July 7, 12 - Chapter 8; Communication Disorders
July 12 - Quiz over chapter 8; Activity schedule due. See for examples. Grade sheet for the activity schedule is here.
July 12, 13, 14 - Chapter 9; Hearing Loss - Attendance on July 14 was below 80%.
July 19 - Quiz over chapter 9
July 19 - Chapter 10; Blindness/low vision
July 20 - Quiz over chapter 10
July 20 - Chapter 11; Orthopedic and Other Health Impaired
July 21 - Chapter 12; Severe-profound, Multiple Disabilities
July 26 - Quiz over chapter 12
July 26 - Chapter 13; Gifted and Talented
July 27, 28 - Chapter 14; Early Intervention
Aug. 2 - Quiz over chapter 14
Aug. 2 - Chapter 15
August 3 - Final exam. Study guide is here