ICS Midterm Review


Midterm: Wednesday, February 26th 

Ideas on the Midterm

Theories of the Mind

·       Descartes’ “I”

·       Freud’s Model of the Mind and Model of Personality

·       Virginia Woolf and the idea of the fractured self

·       Hofstadter

Theories of Human Nature

·       The Blank Slate

·       Biological Determinism

The Mind-Body Connection

·       Walt Whitman Poetry


·       Gertrude Stein

·       ideas of the connection between language and thought


Evolutionary Psych

·       Natural Selection

·       Sexual Selection

Culture and Institutions

·       Social Contract Theory (Socrates, Hobbes, Rousseau)

·       Conformity and obedience


At least one of the following questions will appear as an essay on the exam:

1.     Describe Freud’s concept of the unconscious mind. Which theory of human nature does this concept most support? Explain.

2.     A key component of the theory of natural selection is that there is no ultimate goal in evolution. What is meant by this?

3.     Lehrer states that, according to Whitman, we do not simply have a body but are a body. What is the significance of this statement? Support your answer with information from lecture and readings.

4.     Using ideas from class and readings, explain how you understand “The Self.”