John Morris Clinic

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The John Morris Speech and Language Clinic is located on the campus of USAO in Gary Hall. This facility serves pediatric clients with varying types of  communication disorders.

During their senior year, students are required to work directly with clients who have communication disorders, under the close supervision of ASHA-supervised speech-language pathologists.


Student clinicians enrolled in the Spring 2009 trimester will meet on Tuesday, January 6 at 3:00 p.m. in the clinic waiting room. Bring a copy of the clinic handbook, available at the bookstore. Clinic guidelines, procedures and client assignments will be re-visited at this mandatory meeting.

Reminder: You must call each of your clients and let them know the time and start date for therapy. Let Mrs. Holland know if there are any conflicts so that a better time can be established. Clients must be called before Sunday evening, January 11.