Oklahoma Certification Standards for Elementary and Early Childhood Initial Licensure


As of November 2000

Degree requirements to include, in addition to any methods classes, 12 hours in each of the following for content areas (“4 x !2”)



                        Social Studies

                        Language Arts

Novice High Competency in a Foreign Language

60 clock hours of diverse Field Experiences

60 days, full time, student teaching

Completion of a “Student Impact Report” (Teacher Work Sample)

Development of a Professional Portfolio

Recommendation for Certification from an Accredited Oklahoma Institution

Passage of Certification Exams in the following areas.

            Elementary                                                           Early Childhood

           *OK General Education Test            (OGET)        *OK General Education Test

           *OK Professional Teaching Exam    (OPTE)      *OK Professional Teaching Exam

                        Elementary/Middle Level                              Early Childhood

            *OK Subject Area Test                     (OSAT)     *OK Subject Area Test

                     Elementary Education                                         Early Childhood


  • Includes constructed response items

Fingerprinted and Background Checks

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