Paperwork Requirements


As a cooperating teacher, you will be asked to sign a form allowing a student teacher to be placed in your classroom. 

            As a cooperating teacher you will be asked to complete a USAO evaluation form of your student teacher’s performance in your classroom

Your student teacher may request that you complete an evaluation or recommendation form for their placement folder. Your student teacher may also request that you sign or initial lesson plans or specific assignments for either or both of the classes they are taking.

Your student teacher will be visited at least twice during their stay at your school.  Student teachers are usually informed as to the time of the visit but may be visited randomly without notice.  You, as well as the school principal, may be contacted during the visit.  You are not being evaluated by the university supervisor. The university supervisor acts as a link between the public school and the university.  The university supervisor is placed with the student teacher to provide support, guidance, and direction.  The university supervisor can be the first person a cooperating teacher contacts if a problem arises. 

            For help or information, you may call or email:

Dr. Nancy


Dr. Vicki


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