Review for Final ICS Exam


ICS Final
Spring 2014
Friday, April 25th, 12:00-1:30

Ideas on the Final

1.     Schema and heuristics

2.     Cognitive dissonance

3.     Biases

4.     Culture vs. society

5.     Free will and responsibility, link between choice and responsibility

6.     Determinism and nihilism

7.     Perception, including art and Cezanne lecture

8.     Moral sense and stages of moral development

9.     Aesthetic universals

10.  Why we engage in artistic creativity

11.  Stravinsky

12.  Sex and gender


At least two of the following questions will appear as an essay on the exam

1.     Discuss at least two of the items from Ramachandran’s list of aesthetic universals, using the music of Stravinsky to explain.

2.     Do you think that humans have free will? What are the social consequences of your opinion? Be sure that you give your definition of “free will,” and that you use ideas from the readings and from lectures to back up your opinion.

3.     Discuss, in detail, the connection between Cezanne’s paintings and the science of perception. Use information from the Lehrer chapter as well as class lectures.

4.     Explain why the statement “…boys and girls are born identical except for their genitalia” is problematic.

5.     Using the stages of Kohlberg’s theory of moral development, describe an individual’s reaction at each stage to the prospect of committing theft. What would be the individual’s motivation for not stealing?

6.     Defend or criticize the following statement: "Artistic creativity is an instinctual human activity."

7.     Explain the following statement, with examples from class and/or readings:  "The senses do not perceive; the brain perceives."