SLPA 4602

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SLPA 4602 is the study of normal and abnormal disfluencies, historical perspectives, etiological theories, current research, and assessment and treatment approaches to stuttering.

Powerpoint presentations are designed to aid students in learning information presented in class. Presentations from lectures are available at this site, unless attendance is less than 80% of the class enrollment more than two days during the trimester.

Information pertaining to the course is also available on Moodle. Students should go to to access Moodle, and when you login, your usernames are the same as the first part of your email addresses, stufirstnamelastname (ex: stujohndoe) and your passwords are their first and last initials (uppercase) and the last four digits of your ssn (ex: JD1234). 

Chapter 1: Intro to Stuttering - Jan. 10, 12
Outside reading assignment due Jan. 12: 
Chapter 2: Constitutional Factors - Jan. 17, 19
Chapter 3: Developmental and Environmental Influences - Jan. 24, 26
Outside reading assignment due Jan. 26: 
Case studies in class assignment - Jan. 26
Chapter 4: Theories - Jan. 31, Feb. 7
Due to USAO classes being cancelled because of inclement weather, the course schedule has been revised. 
Chapter 5: Normal Disfluency and the Development of Stuttering - Feb. 14
Test #1 - Feb. 16, Study Guide is here