Welcome to Cooperating Teacher Training


Thank you for your interest in our Teacher Education Program.  This site is an attempt to familiarize you with the documents and requirements of the USAO Teacher Education Program.  Perhaps it will ease your mind a little about the possibility of mentoring a student teacher. 

            Our student teaching experience is four days a week, Tuesday through Friday, with students reporting back to campus on Mondays for coursework and meetings.  You may find all of the information contained at this site and more in our handbook, Guidelines for Student Teaching. This handbook should be of some assistance in providing a strong experience for the student teacher.  These guidelines, it is hoped will supplement local school policies, but are not intended to supersede any school district policy. 

            You may receive an on-line copy by going to:  /nhector/guidelines/guidelines.pdf   and using the login “stuteacher” with the password “handbook.”

            A certificate will be issued to cooperating teachers completing this training. Your school administrators may grant staff development points for completing this training.

            Frequently asked questions:

  1. What is my responsibility as a cooperating teacher to the student teacher and to the university?
  1. What is USAO Teacher Education’s Conceptual Framework?
  1. How many teaching days does this require?
  1. What kind and how much paperwork is required of me?
  1. Can you give me a schedule or framework to guide me in giving a student teacher enough “teaching” time?
  1. What are the requirements of new pre-service teachers?
  1. Can you give me any tips to help me in mentoring my student teacher?

Additional thoughts for cooperating teachers.

  1. Who may I call if a problem arises?
  1. How often will my student teacher be visited and will I be notified?
  1. Is the university evaluating me or my mentoring ability?

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