Reports of possible winter weather hitting the area on Thursday afternoon has forced USAO and Mid-America Christian University to bump their Thursday night games up one day.

Both Drover basketball teams felt the disappointment of a loss after their battles against Lubbock Christian University on Saturday afternoon in Chickasha.

While the men’s basketball team may only have three wins under it’s belt, Coach Brisco McPherson says the team is merely learning how to play ball at the college level.

The Drover men have done it again: Victory.

The Drover men didn't get the wanted revenge, and were toppled by SNU with a score of 72-54.

Despite playing tough Saturday night, both the men’s and women’s basketball teams were defeated by Oklahoma Christian University.

Both USAO basketball teams played the Saint Gregory’s University Cavaliers Monday night, but only the men’s team came out victorious.

Both Drover basketball teams were defeated by John Brown University on Saturday night at the USAO Fieldhouse in USAO conference opener.

Turn around is fair play: The Drovers pulled out a victory in their home opener against Langston University on Monday night.

Despite his 18 years of experience, Drover Head Basketball Coach Brisco McPherson is no exception to the feeling of uncertainty that comes with a season of new players