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CHICKASHA – The Drover men’s cross country season made its debut for USAO after more than 15 years in hibernation with four runners competing in the UCO Land Run on Saturday morning.

The meet consisted of a six-kilometer dash. There were 59 runners in attendance.

Freshman Jeffrey Poolaw, from Anadarko, scored USAO’s best time at 24:54.18. Less than a minute behind him was Kieran Brennan, a junior from England, who...

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CHICKASHA – The Drovers are ready to hit the ground running — literally — as USAO welcomes back cross country, debuting Sept. 8.

In its first year, head coach Leandra Johnson said she expects her teams to continue to work hard all throughout the season. She collected a team of six women and five men.

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CHICKASHA –After more than 15 years, the Drovers have brought cross country back to USAO, led by head coach Leandra Johnson.

Johnson has created a strong core of six female and five male runners who she expects to really begin impressing people this first year.

“Once we get training and meets keep going, I think all of our runners will step up,” she said. “I expect a lot out of them.”

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The In the Saddle crew bring on a very special guest in a short In the Saddle promo to show you what to expect out of Drover athletics this season! Meet Dusty the Drover and hear inside his head on this special show!

In the Saddle will begin its fall shows on Aug. 23 with Coach Jimmy Hampton with USAO Soccer.

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CHICKASHA – Richard Nixon was President of the United States. The Vietnam War was winding to a close. The Price is Right began challenging viewers name the price of regular household items. And Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” topped the charts.

It was 1972, and the Oklahoma College of Liberal Arts began entertaining Chickasha as college athletics found its way to the community.

CHICKASHA – Coach Leandra Johnson has announced that open tryouts for USAO’s new cross country team will be March 28.

The tryouts are open to all USAO and high school students. Female athletes will be running a five kilometer — or 3.1 mile — course while male athletes will run an eight kilometer — or five mile — course.

“The two things I look for in recruits is that they are extremely hard working and have good character...

CHICKASHA – Assistant women’s basketball coach Leandra Johnson said the Drover women adjusted to and responded well to the bad luck and difficulties the team experienced this season.

“They overcame it very well. They responded like adults would,” Johnson said. “We came to practice every day and did what we were supposed to do, and we went and played.”

Now with the season over, Johnson is looking into the off season to help...

CHICKASHA – In the Saddle has evolved over the years to become a fun face of USAO sports and a way for the community members to get to know the Drover athletes and coaches.

While USAO sports information director Jessica Jackson hosts the show, she gives credit to USAO video producer and Captain Video, David Duncan.

CHICKASHA – USAO will be adding to its six-sport base in fall of 2012 when it welcomes back cross country after 16 years, giving students a new opportunity to excel.

USAO had several prospective students in the last year ask about a cross country team, which began the discussion, said Dr. Dexter Marble, vice president for academic affairs.

“We thought it would be important to serve prospective students,” Marble said...