Montmartre Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival 2009


To: Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students

From: Jacquelyn Knapp, Montmartre Coordinator, Art Department

Date: April 2, 2009

Subject:  Montmartre Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival 2009

Despite the freezing temperatures and HIGH winds, It’s another RECORD! Yes, we topped last years numbers.  I am pleased to announce that the Montmartre  Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival that was held on Thursday, April 2 was one for the record books!  I would like to thank all of those who contributed.  It took a lot of hard work from a number of people for the festival to be successful. Thank you for all you did!  A special thanks to: Art Workstudy & The Montmartre Crew (Art majors) for getting up really, really, really early and suffering through frostbite doing everything I requested, stupid or not, with a smile; The Beginning Drawing and Oil Painting classes for drawing 345 squares on the oval, plus writing numbers in EACH square, by hand; Kent Lamar, thanks for being my backup and correcting my mistakes; and to rookie Layne Thrift “great job on boobie patrol”; Steve Breerwood, you did a great job as the newbie on the registration tables; a big thanks to Jenny in the print shop and Robert Cole for our wonderful T-shirts, you rock; thanks to the Grounds Crew and the Security Guys who worked feverishly to keep the chaos orderly and protect the hordes of little children, and Ron thanks for letting me use one of your golf carts. A special thanks to Vanessa for doing so much for the art department; Thanks to Lori Underwood for your wonderful organization of Droverstock, you guys did a great job! Terry Winn, thank you for overseeing the major blockade of the oval and the cleaning of the streets. Thanks to Ashley Young and Robert Dodd who took amazing photographs of the event; Thanks to the ladies in Financial Aid for your donation of pens for registration.  A special thanks for this years judges: Jason Sherman, Sara Garner, and Jon Fisher, you guys  had the most difficult job but were amazing!! I am confident that I have neglected to thank someone for their selfless sacrifice of life and limb for the sake of art!  Thanks to EVERYONE!

345 works of art were created in only 4 hours!

920 artists competed for top honors and bragging rights for a year.




Best of Show
#197  Oklahoma School for the Deaf
Lindsay Wallace, Brandon Ruble, LaShay Henderson, Jasmine Williams


Judges Choice (College/Adult Division)

#170 UCO
Cynthia Alvarez, Alex Gerasimov

#240 Lawton, Oklahoma
Scott Smith



#266 Cyril High School Teacher/USAO Alum
Christy Ferrell



Judges Choice (High School Division 10-12 grade)

#9 Canton High School
Brandon Hicks, Josh Taylor, Ryan Sutton



#80 Altus High School
Jenna Dyer



#122 Mustang High School
Gage Williams, Erin Robertson, Weston Jarvis, James Brachlan

#175 Keys High School
Chelsey Carpenter, Neka James



#282 Weatherford High School
Odessa Teboe, Naveen Komar, Kristin Sides



#293 Anadarko High School
Terri Bryant, Sharon Tsatoke, Emily Davis



#325 Yukon High School
Tanner Friday, Steven Claunch, Rody Hopwood, Travis Tester



Judges Choice )Jr High 7-9 grade)

#21 Watonga Jr High
Jorge Reza, Andy Dominguez



#90 Altus Junior High
Taylor Avila, Chase Garrison



#112 Mustang Middle School
Katie Schwartz, Melanie Willis, Lauren Romero, Ngan Dinhnguyen



#260 Altus Junior High
Diego Quirino



Judges Choice (6th grade & younger)

#184 Piedmont Middle School
Kelsey Meier, Blake Wallace, Georgina Escobar, Austin Polk


Participating Schools

 -Anadarko HS

-Anadarko Mid School

-Apache HS

-Altus HS

-Altus Jr Hi

-Ardmore HS

-Bethel HS

-Canton HS

-Carnegie HS

-Carnegie Middle School

-Central HS

-Central Middle School-Lawton

-Chandler HS

-Chattanooga Jr Hi

-Chickasha HS

-Chickasha Middle School

-Crooked Oak HS

-Cyril HS

-Deer Creek HS

-Duncan HS

-Eisenhower HS

-Elgin Mid School

-Elgin HS

-Elmore City-Pernell HS

-Enid HS


-Ft Cobb/Broxton HS

-Geary HS

-Gracemont HS

-Hinton HS

-Keys HS

-Kingfisher HS

-Lawton HS

-Lawton, Eisenhower Middle School

-Lexington HS

-Lindsay HS

-Minco HS

-Mustang HS

-Mustang Mid-High

-Ninnekah Elementary

-Ninnekah HS

-Noble HS

-Mt. View Gotebo

-Oklahoma School for the Deaf

-Panama HS

-Piedmont Middle School

-Purcell HS

-Ringling HS

-Riverside Indian School

-SouthMoore HS

-Sterling HS

-Tecumseh HS

-Turpin HS

-Turpin Jr Hi

-Verden HS

-Walters HS

-Watonga HS

-Wayne HS

-Weatherford HS

-WestMoore HS

-Wynnewood HS

-Yukon HS


-Western Oklahoma State College