Thank  you for competing! We have made every effort to relay this information accurately. Missing school names are the result of incorrect school code bubbling. Add your school name to claim your medal by contacting Dr. Darryel Reigh,

Math/Science Division

Algebra I

1st         Connor Smith, Lindsay               
2nd        Amber Strange, Elgin                              
3rd         Carley Eastep, Jones                               
4th         Kaden Cable, Lindsay
5th         Chris Brown, Elmore City-Pernell             

Algebra 2

1st       Logan Tibbets, Chickasha
2nd       Amber Wright, Southmoore
3rd       Jordan Danser, Home School
4th       Kimberly Keck, Lindsay
5th       Colton Want, Amber Pocasset

Fourth Year Math

1st         Noah George, Deer Creek
2nd        Nhi Nai, Southmoore
3rd         Grant Coles, Lindsay
4th         Bao Ngo, Southmoore
5th         Kevin Stolfa, Ardmore                             

Physical Science

1st         Zachary Doughty, Chickasha
2nd        Jacob Meacham, Noble
3rd         Alex Hickerson, Jones
4th         Kaden Cable, Lindsay     
5th         Braydon Nichols, Verden  


1st         Soorajnat Boominathan, Deer Creek                                                          
2nd        Dae-Kun Heo, Mustang                          
3rd         Joseph Lyon, Blanchard                          
4th         Zachary Carpenter, Blanchard                   
5th         Vince Dao, Ardmore                                

Computer Science

1st         Dao Thong Lim, Chickasha
2nd        Kyle Wingate, Bridge Creek
3rd         David Hempill, Ardmore
4th         Timothy Sains, Tecumseh
5th         Nigel Little, Cache


1st         Soorajnat Boominathan, Deer Creek                                              
2nd        Madison George, Newcastle                     
3rd         Joseph Azpeitia, Cache                           
4th         Colton Want, Amber Pocassett    
5th         Levi Muller, Navajo                                


1st         Anthony Burrow, Elgin
2nd        Kyle Smith, Lindsay
3rd         Michael Linn, Asher
4th         Jacob Young, Deer Creek
5th         Jeremy Simpson, Ardmore           

Anatomy & Physiology   

1st         Elaine Mustain, Southmoore                                           
2nd        Ethan Dettlaff, Mustang              
3rd         Jadon West                                                                   
4th         Sierra Poor, Moore                                
5th         Lori Williams, Jones                               


1st         Jonathan Crichley, Southmoore
2nd        Daniel Chambers                       
3rd         Thomas Weems, Newcastle
4th         Nick Narrell, Mustang
5th         Jacob Foster, Rush Springs

Arts and Humanities Division

American Literature                     

1st         Katherine McKinney, Deer Creek                          
2nd        Kyle Smith                                                                  
3rd         Jenna Morris, Lindsay                            
4th         Kelsey Crank, Noble                              
5th         Nicholas Johnson-Fuller, Purcell                                                   

Art Talent

1st         Lisa Toomey, Elgin
2nd        Kajun Sparks, Newcastle
3rd         Savanna Comita, Cache
4th         Shelby Hughes, Jones    
5th         Braeden Jantzen, Bridge Creek

Music Fundamentals                   

1st         Dylan Shadoan, Elgin                             
2nd        Skyler Cornaby, Mustang                       
3rd         David Handy                                                     
4th         Ashton Jung, Cache                                           
5th         Vincent Tang, Deer Creek                             

English Literature

1st         Jordan Bishop, Elmore City-Pernell          
2nd        Miranda Koutahi, Southmoore
3rd         Seth Cleary, Lindsay      
4th         Logan Johnson, Rush Springs
5th         Ashton Jung, Cache        

Spanish I

1st         David Burke, Mustang                            
2nd        Melea Barrick, Waurika               
3rd         Vaun Longhorn, Tecumseh          
4th         Amberlee Middleton, Cache                     
5th         Lettie Curtis, Tecumseh   

French I

1st         Braden Turner, Elmore City-Pernell
2nd        Alex Douglas, Southmoore
3rd         Haley Odell, Asher         
4th         Taylor Hurt, Mustang     
5th         Shelby Douglas, Chickasha                          

Drama Individual
1st         Thomas Hudson, Lawton High, 1st place overall actor
2nd        Thalia Astello, Lawton High, 2nd overall actor
3rd         Trevor Meadows, Duncan, 3rd overall actor
4th         Gracie Sullivan, Deer Creek, 4th overall actor

Drama Team
1st         Nina Carrington, Millwood
             Saphariah Eason, Millwood
             Justice Robinson, Lawton
             Glenda Parker, Lawton
            Emily Cole, Lexington
            Peyton Pritchett, Lexington        

Business and Social Sciences Division


1st         Stephanie Aria, Mustang
2nd        Aaron Stafford, Bridge Creek
3rd         Stephen Dyer, Deer Creek
4th         Wesley Ford, Fletcher
5th         Lyndsey Sultusky, Southmoore

Accounting I

1st         Stephanie Aria, Mustang
2nd        Sonya Mathew, Mustang
3rd         Alberta Roby, Navajo
4th         Dartanian Hyde, Fletcher 
5th         Courtney Jones, Jones

World History

1st         Stephen Dyer, Deer Creek
2nd        James Nguyen, Mustang
3rd         Jon Box, Blanchard
4th         Nicholas Carpenter, Deer Creek
5th         Skylar Cornaby, Mustang


1st         Christopher Ray, Mustang
2nd        Gabriel Lee, Mustang
3rd         Jesse Doan, Lindsay
4th         Seth Cleary, Lindsay


1st         Seth Cleary, Lindsay                  
2nd        C. Coleman, Sterling                 
3rd         Steven Farr, Lindsay                  
4th         David Husted, Deer Creek            
5th         Cameron Sralla, Ardmore             


1st         Rosie Moon                             
2nd        Kyle Harney, Southmoore
3rd         Adam Vanburen, Cache   
4th         Kyle Watson, Noble
5th         Shae Bates, Jones

Oklahoma History

1st         Mason Black, Bridge Creek
2nd        Bryce Buffalomeat, Geary                        
3rd         Robert Day, Elgin                                 
4th         Samantha Barclay                                              
5th         Bailey Chaples, Paoli                                                      

American History

1st         Brandon Munson, Cach
2nd        Vincent Tang, Deer Creek
3rd         Casey Pattillo, Deer Creek
4th         Justin Neal, Jones
5th         Nicholas Johnson-Fuller, Mustang

School Winners

1st        Mustang High School

2nd       Deer Creek / Edmond

3rd        Lindsay

Small School Honorable Mention: Elmore City-Pernell