About the Spring Triad

Updated April 7, 2012

The Spring Triad was born when three unique events -- sponsored and coordinated by three distinct groups on campus -- were combined in the 1990s. Each has a unique profile and audience, but together these springtime events have become a signature event for Oklahoma’s public liberal arts college.

USAO Scholastic Meet – Coordinated by faculty, this event was created from the merger of three separate academic competitions in the 1970s. Students competed in social sciences, business and natural sciences in separate events.  They merged in 1984. As a result, this year’s promotional materials will say “28th annual,” but the tradition of academic competitions at USAO actually is more than 35 years old. Read more at SpringTriad.com.

Montmartre Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival – Launched in 1989 and coordinated by the art faculty, this competition and show began with about 40 artists, growing steadily ever since. In 2012, there were 410 works of art created by 941 total artists, with more than 50 schools participating, making this easily the largest art competition of its kind in the world. This year marks our 23rd annual competition and show.

Droverstock – Our annual outdoor music festival emerged as a student activity in June 1995, making this the 17th annual event. The event was launched by students Joshua Glass and Anna Dudding (according to a news story in The Trend on June 29, 1995). Two years later, it was expanded and moved to the first Thursday in April to become the third event in the Spring Triad. Read more at /student-services/droverstock.

Together these three events draw between 2,200 on a slim year to 3,800 on our best year so far.