Cody Dracars

Web Developer
Troutt Hall, Room 107
phone: 405-574-1369


Cody is the Web Developer for the college. He started working for USAO after his graduation from the university in 2008. He majored in computer science.

Cody was instrumental in moving the 10,000 plus web presence into Drupal -- a content management system that would allow faculty, staff and students more flexibility in updating and maintaining their portion of the website. The transformation is an on-going process and Cody said he has learned a lot about Drupal while on the journey.

Cody is part of the Media and Community Relations Team and does occasionally leave his computer to help with public events and teach web training classes.

In addition to working and graduating from USAO, Cody has one more tie to the university -- his wife Amanda -- who is a 2007 USAO alum.

Before Amanda and he were married, Cody Dracars was known as Cody Weeks. When the couple wed, they both changed their name to Dracars to dispel the myth that marriage meant ownership of a wife or spouse. Dracars means 'Dragon Art' or 'Art of the Dragon.'





  • (Original Post Located @ )This is a list of handy MySQL commands that I use time and time again. At the bottom are statements, clauses, and functions you can use in MySQL. Below that are PHP and Perl API functions you can use to interface with MySQL. To use those you will need to build PHP with MySQL functionality. To use MySQL with Perl you will need to use the Perl modules DBI and DBD::mysql.


    SET GLOBAL max_allowed_packet=16*1024*1024;


    Use this snippet if Drupal is giving you this error: user warning: Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes query:


    DELETE FROM cache;

    Used to delete all from table... replace "cache" with whatever table you want to delete all entries from.

  • Change permissions Recursively

    For chmod and chown you can use the -R option. With -R it is possible to change files and directories recursively.  This will change the permissions of the testfolder and all files and subdirectories inside.

    chmod -R 755 /testfolder


    File Transfer via SSH

    copy from a remote machine to my machine:

    scp user@ /me/Desktop/file.txt

    copy from my machine to a remote machine:

  • Today I added Git (the fast version control system) to our server so that I should be able to keep track of code changes.  This involved a few days of research and a ton of trial and error.   The best resource I could find would be  His site had exactly what I needed.