Resolution #09151001, "Bench Resolution" - passed by VOICE VOTE on September 22, 2010.

Resolution #09221001, "A Resolution Pertaining to a Smoking Ban on Campus" - tabled to October 6, 2010.


SENATOR                                 09151001
           09221001   10061001   10131001  

Scott Pitts                                      PASSES                 Nay                  Nay              Yay
Nathan Samples                                                          Nay                 Nay              Yay
Preston Vasquez                                                         Yay                 Nay               Yay
Matt Crow                                       VOTE                   Yay                 Yay               Abs.
Mason Dobbins                                 "  "                       ~                    Abs.              Yay
Chelsea LaGace                                 " "                       Nay                 Yay               Yay
Rebecca Romine                                                          Yay                 Nay               Yay
Michael Arroyo                                  "  "                      Nay                 Yay               Abs.
Veronica Fennell                                 BY                     Nay                 Yay               Yay 
Roxy Curtis-Redd                                                         ~                     ~                 ~
Molly Tracy                                     VOICE                   Nay                 Nay               Yay
Callandra McCool                                                          Nay                 Abs.              Yay
Jessica Pelletier                                                                                  Nay               Yay
Kylee Taylor                                                                                                          Yay
Kelsea Mallette                                                                                                       Yay


Jeremy Karikari                                                            Nay                  ~                  ~