What Services We Offer

Counseling focuses on helping students function and develop in the stimulating and stressful environment of college and can assist with a variety of concerns. Our services are confidential, FREE, and are available to currently enrolled students. Office hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Students can meet one-on-one with a counselor to talk about their concerns, explore related thoughts and feelings, identify personal resources, and learn new skills. For some students, one conversation is all they need to make things better, while others may return for several appointments. When it appears that a student's needs would be best met by an off-campus agency, counselors also provide referrals.

A variety of different types of workshops is offered throughout the year to further overall development in such areas as self-esteem, healthy relationships and time management.

Beyond counseling services, the counseling center also offers consultations assisting a concerned other (for example, parent, faculty member, roommate) in how to respond to a student with apparent mental health concerns, including, when appropriate, how to sensitively suggest the student seek professional services.

Counseling services are for any current USAO student. Anyone can refer a student for services. Faculty and Staff can make referrals or students can refer one another. All services are confidential; therefore, even if a staff or faculty makes a referral they will not be provided feedback whether a student is getting services unless the student wants them to.

Anyone who wants to refer a student should ask the student to call and schedule an appointment themselves. Appointments are not typically made for a student unless there is a safety issue.

The counseling center is a part of Student Services department which is responsible for housing, career services, counseling services, disability services, health services, orientation, recreation, student development and security.

The counselor may determine, after meeting with you, that you may benefit from seeing a doctor or receiving medication management. In instances such as these you will be given a referral form for Five Oaks Medical Clinic in Chickasha, OK. When referred by the Counseling Center the cost of their services are reduced by 30%. A $20.00 fee is due up front and a payment plan can be set up for the additional amount.

If concerns exceed the scope of the Counseling Center’s short term counseling focus, your counselor will refer you to private therapy or other appropriate community resources. The cost of such therapy is not included in your student fees. Student health insurance, or other comparable health insurance plans, may reimburse part of the cost of private therapy. Your counselor will discuss additional possible options to help defray costs if a referral for private therapy is made.