USAO Career Services is available to help you with many different aspects of preparing to enter the workforce or deciding which career path to take. Whether you need help writing a resume, want examples of how to write a thank you letter, need to know what to wear to your next big interview, or are trying to decide to apply to graduate school, we are here to assist you on those endeavors.  

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Writing A Resume                                                                                                                                 
     Basic Guidelines                                                                 
     Guidelines To Writing A Resume                                       
     Basic Types Of Resumes                                                         
     Parts Of A Resume
     Resume Examples

Cover Letters
     Cover Letter Guidelines
     How To Write A Cover Letter
     Cover Letter Examples

Reference Page
     How To Write A Reference Page
     Reference Page Guidelines
     Reference Page Example

Interview Attire
     Tips For Everyone
     Guidelines For Males
     Guidelines For Females

Interview Skills
     Interview Skills
     Interview Do's
     Interview Don'ts
     50 Common Interview Questions
     Questions To Ask During An Interview
     Professional Etiquette

Post-Interview Thank You Letter
     Post-Interview Thank You Letter
     Thank You Letter Examples

Career Exploration
     Job Search Steps
     What To Do With A Degree In
     International Students And The Job Search
     Common Cultural Barriers To The Job Search

Why Grad School?
     Why Grad School?