USAO is committed to providing equal opportunities for higher education to academically qualified individuals who are disabled. Student Services staff will serve as a liaison in arranging reasonable accommodations. Contact us by phone at 405-574-1278, by email at or stop by our office which is located on the 3rd floor of Student Services.

Disability Services Eligibility

In order to be eligible for services, the student must self-identify the disability to the office of Disability Services. Self-identification means the student must discuss the documented disability and the requested accommodations with Disability Services. Disclosure must be done before accommodations can be considered. The institution has no responsibility to make accommodations retroactively. To receive accommodations, the student must:

1. Provide appropriate written verification of disability. Acceptable documentation must be from a professional with appropriate credentials to diagnose the disability and provide recommendations regarding accommodations. It should be current and reflect a specific diagnosis, level of severity, functional limitations, and recommended academic accommodations.

2. Meet and discuss accommodation needs – Meet with Student Services staff to talk about your accommodation needs. Accommodations are then determined.

3. Provide schedule – provide our office with your upcoming class schedule every trimester.

4. Accommodation letters – take your accommodation letters to your professors during their office hours or after class.

Accommodations are determined based on assessment of submitted documentation from the qualified provider for its appropriateness and completeness under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disability Act of 1990 (ADA), and the office of Disability Services documentation policy.


Handicap parking is available in each parking area adjacent to university facilities. Automobiles must be properly registered and display disabled insignia. Oklahoma State Law (47 O.S. 1991, Section 1007) states that automobiles using those special areas and not displaying the disabled insignia are illegally parked.

*For more information regarding Grievance Procedures contact Student Services.