Facility Request Fees

Once your event is approved, you will be required to pay facilities fees within seven business days or your reservation will be forfeited. Facilities fees are paid to USAO. Catering fees are paid to Campus Dining separately.

Facility rental fees (in addition to catering fees)
Ballroom - $400 (one day)
Additional half-day for rehearsal or decorating, $200. For room layout, see the front of this form. Your fee includes one lectern with mic. Additional technology requires fees, below, and a technician required.

Chapel - $175 (one day)
Add $75 for AV support. Use of concert grand piano requires completion of a separate contract and a deposit.

Te Ata Memorial Auditorium - $300 (one day)
Additional half-day for rehearsal, $100. An additional custodian is required for each event at $20/hour.

Regents Room - $100 (two hours) $200 (half day)

Station 82 - $100 (two hours) $200 (half day)

Classrooms - $35 each

Security deposit - $500
Charged to protect facilities. This will be refunded after the event if no damages are incurred.

Security personnel - $20/hour
If we determine that additional security is needed for your event, the number of security personnel needed will be arranged through Student Services in consultation with Security. The hourly rate will be charged per staffer needed, two-hour minimum.

Custodial - $20/hour
If we determine that additional custodial support is needed, arrangments are made through Student Services.

AV technician - $20/hour/person
If we determine that an AV technician(s) is needed for your event, a two-hour minimum applies.

Additional multimedia equipment
If the AV needs for your event can be satisfied easily with the equipment already installed in this facility, and without staff support, no additional charges will apply. However, you may be required to pay fees for the following:
Computer rental - $50
Additional mics - $20 each
Additional projector and screen - $100
Additional PA system - $50
Teleconferencing downlink - $100

Catering fees
(Call Campus Dining to arrange a menu or view menus online at usaodining.com. Catering fees are paid directly to Campus Dining.)

Hors d’oeuvres - $6-$13 / per guest
Buffet meal - $8-$22 / per guest
Plated meal - $11-$32 / per guest