USAO has over 30 clubs and organizations on campus spanning many different areas of interest. You'll be sure to find an organization that interests you, and if you don't, start your own!

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Active Clubs/Organizations

American Sign Language Club (ASL)
Our purpose as an organization is to increase American Sign Language skills, and to create awareness of and education about the Deaf culture.
Contact: Hailey Fry:

Art Club
The purpose of this orgnanization shall be to encourage participation of all members, help promote an interest in the activities of the Art Department, unify all members so that we may share other ideas relating to various forms of art, and encourage a great awareness of the many areas of art among art majors, minors, students, and faculty.
Contact: Vaunda Knapp:

Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM)
BCM is a faith-based student organization and campus ministry that seeks to move students' lives forward in their relationships with Christ and others. Activities include mentorship, weekly Bible studies and worship events as well as various service and community projects.
Contact: Maggie Wilson:

Biology and Associated Sciences Club (BASC)
Contact: Dr. Jeannette Loutsch:

Chi Alpha (XA)
Chi Alpha is a student organization designed to equip students to helpw ith the overall spiritual atmosphere of the university. Our goal is not only to help minister to the spiritual needs, but to the individual as a whole. We are concerned with helping others to maximize everything they can be for the cause of Christ.
Contact: Maite Miller:

Drama Club
Dillon Pierce:

Drovers Against Cancer
: Dr. Jeannette Loutsch:

The Drovertones
The Drovertones is a club created to develop comaraderie, and foster a love for Acapella music among students. While the school sponsored ensembles provide a great outlet for classical and choral styles, this club will place an emphasis on a more modern repertoire. We will also be available as a recruitment tool to music enthusiasts, as well as the casual listener. The ultimate goal is to provide an outlet for expression, and provide a place for growth with challenging arrangments. Because of the difficulty of the repertoire, as well as the need for a similar sound between singers, it will be necessary for us to limit the membership of the club through an audition process.
Contact: Mallorie Kimbrough:

Gamers Club
Our mission is to explore the subculture created by video games. By discussing popular genres, keeping up to date on the new events taking place in the gaming industry, and playing the games themselves, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of this subculture, socialize with fellow gamers, and try new types of games some may not have ever tried before.
Contact: James Kiper:

The Green House Catholic Campus Ministry
The Green House is the Catholic Campus Center for USAO. Here students find a welcoming environment where they can express their faith passionately, share their questions, and discern their vocation in the community. Through worship, prayer, the sacraments, retreats, spiritual direction, social justice opportunities, faith sharing groups, and a wide variety of other programming, the Green House invites our students to grow spiritually and religiously. In times of distress, we comfort, console, and encourage healing and reconciliation. The Green House provides students a place to Believe, to Belong, and to Become.
Contact: Robert Perez:

Literature Club (LIT Club)
Lit club is the place for book lovers to come together and discuss books while making new friends!
Contact: Keely Daniel:

Math Technology Science Club
The Math Technology Science Club (MTS) is an organization whose purpose is to promote interest in Mathematics, Technology, and Science to all USAO's students and MTS members. MTS serves as a forum for the members to discuss any issues, concerns or ideas pertaining to current and potential classes/projects. MTS also serves as a support for its memebers for the purpose of unifying its members to encourage participation among the members. MTS holds frequent discussions led by students and faculty involving interesting topics in math, technology and science in an effort to develop a higher understanding in these fields as well as promoting activities held by MTS in order to build interest. Activities held by or participated in by MTS range from field trips to game nights to individual/group research.
Contact: Kaitlyn Worner:

National Speech, Language & Hearing Association (NSSLHA)
The mission of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) is to benefit its members by continually improving its support, promotion, and advocacy of the highest quality preparation of professionals in Audiology, Speech-language Pathology and Speech Language Science.
Contact: Kalani Hardesty:

Phi Lambda Chi Fraternity
Phi Lambda Chi fraternity is aimed toward academic excellence and helping members live up to their potential while in college. The fraternity is community service based, aiming towards living lives of real service to better the community. The organization is a gentlemen's club and members are expected to act as such. The organization believes that the benefit from an organization by an individual depends on how much persistence and work with the individual puts forth towards the organization. The fraternity believes in complete loyalty to the college, and vows to help the college in all ways bettering it. It is also understood by the fraternity that the abuse of alcohol and/or drugs is not only damaging to Phi Lambda Chi, but to our growth as individuals and as a fraternity as a whole.
Contact: Jacob McGuire:

Prism (GSA)
The USAO Gay/Straight Alliance is an organization designed to provide support and advocacy for the entire spectrum of gender and sexual orientation. The USAO Gay/Straight Alliance will create opportunities for safe and supportive social gatherings that strive to minimize the fear of harassment and to eventually stop the continuation of hate-crime and hate-speech. The group will encourage its members to speak up and let their voices be heard, whether they have political opinions or ideas for the progress of the group as a whole. The USAO GSA is a safe place for all students, and the members of the group must do all they can to minimize discrimination toward gender, gender expression, and sexuality.

Psychology Club
USAO Psychology Club is a student organization used to bring students together who share the common interest of psychology. The club plans events and fundraises to promote group activities. It is not requird or even suggested to be a psychology major to join! Everyone is welcome!
Contact: Victoria Burgess:

Students Against Animal Violence Everywhere (SAVE)
Student Against Animal Violence Everywhere is an orgnaization dedicated to liberating animals worldwide from mistreatment and abuse. We plan to achieve this by spreading education, raising funds, and sponsoring similar organizations. We will also have a number of leisure activities such as movie nights and taking a related trip at the end of each semester. Please join us in our goal to help animals.
Contact: Kelsey Warren:

Sigma Psi Omega Sorority
We strive to build sisterly community with fellow students and build bonds of sisterhood spanning the years of undergraduate studies and beyond. We strive to make both our campus and community a better place through philanthropies and community volunteerism.
Contact: Kylie Clark:

Sigma Tau Delta
The purpose of Sigma Tau Delta, International English Honor Society, is to confer distinction for high achievement in English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies.
Contact: Daniel Bokemper:

Student Government Association (SGA)
: Chris Collins:

Student Activities Board (SAB)
SAB is responsible for planning, promoting, and executing co-curricular activities for the USAO student body. Each board member chairs a committee and plans events throughout the year that in the past included musicians, comedians, speakers, movie nights, dances, organization fairs and much more! Student Activities Board's budget comes from student fees. It is the board's responsibility to spend funds wisely and to plan and execute programs that are diverse for the student body.
Contact: Sara Gibbs:

Student National Education Association (SNEA)
The SNEA desires to advance the interests and welfare of students preparing for a career in education; to stimulate the highest ideals of professional ethics, standards and attitudes; and to develop prespective educators an understanding of the educational profession.
Contact: Dr. Jeanne Mather:

University Musicians (UM)
We are the University Musicians. We are all about music and associated music.
Contact: Christopher Jordan:

USAO Ambassadors
: Bobbie Simpson:

USAO Drover Dancers
Contact: Emily Hector:

Women in Science (WIS)
Contact: Dr. Jeannette Loutsch:

Young Conservatives of Oklahoma
Young Conservatives of Oklahoma is an organization that brings students who have conservative ideas together. The organization will inform members and students of current political issues and encourage intelligent conversation among members and students of USAO. Students of any political party, race, gender, etc can be involved with the organization and express their opinions freely. If you are interested in joining or would like more information, email Secretary Jennifer Stewart at
Contact: Jennifer Stewart:

Zombie Survivalists and History Club
We hold game nights once a month. That is all we do. This gives a chance for students across campus to get to know each other better and meet new people- and prepare for an attack by zombies.
Contact: Dr. Kevin Crow: