Orientation Leaders

Every year, USAO hires and trains a group of knowledgeable, enthusiastic students to be Orientation Leaders. Orientation Leaders assist in the orientation process by helping students develop Drover pride and become familiar with USAO's academic and campus resources.

Here are what some of our Orientation Leaders have to say about their first orientation experience:


Cheyenne Roach:

"The Orientation days were some of my favorite days during my freshman year. Being a person who is a bit shy in totally new situations, it really helped to push me out of my comfort zone. Not only did I become more comfortable at USAO, but I also made some lasting friendships."

Brittney DeWitt:

"Orientation was a big help to me with getting adjusted to the college life, it was a great way for me to get to know people.  Some of my best friends are people that I met during the first week at orientation.  The activities that we did during orientation made me get out of my comfort zone, and that is the best thing you could do when starting college.  Orientation at USAO is fun, exciting, and an awesome way to start your college career!"

Zachary Bridges:

Math Education
"I am a naturally shy person who sometimes has a hard time coming out of my shell. Orientation helped me to meet new people and to come out of my shell and be myself. I made many friends that I still have to this day and without Orientation I doubt that I would have met any of them."

Maite Miller:

"Orientation really helped me become cool with a lot of the other students who where not in my major. I also was able to meet many in my major so we went into class already know a bit about each other. I broke out of my shell because my leader was pretty crazy & so chill. Since she was being crazy & talkative,  well people didn't find it strange when I let go & started acting crazy! I was expected.  I think that Orientation opened my eyes to many things, information & people. I feel like having O week, made our freshman class closer to each other, which made us free to interact, even now, freely with one another. Team building activities helped a lot with that. Seeing someone acting crazy like you opens egalitarian doors to friendships. Or equal opportunity in friendships." 

Jin Nguyen:
Math Education
"Although I did not attend Freshman orientation due to my transfer as a Senior, the transfer process helped me by familiarizing myself with the campus' faculty and staff and its student involvement opportunities. My initial and subsequent experiences with USAO have only been positive, and I look forward to having more experiences at this school."

Sheyanne McGlothlin:
Business Administration
"Orientation at USAO was an experience that I am so thankful for and that I will never forget! It was exactly what I needed in a new setting where I didn’t know anyone around me. Orientation week was full of exciting events from beginning to end and it gave me a chance to meet many new people that have become some of my best friends. This is an opportunity that all new students should take advantage of, it is so much fun!!!"


Becca Hyde:

Early Childhood Education
"I was a very shy person when I started school here.  During orientation week I was having fun, making friends, and learning how to live away from home.  Without orientation week I wouldn't have the friends, independence or confidence that I have now."

James Kiper:

"Coming to USAO was a scary thing for me. I was afraid of not finding friends. Orientation led me to some of my best friends and helped me learn how everything worked on campus. This has created an amazing experience here at USAO and would not trade that time for anything."

Brandon Nalley:

Theater Arts
"Orientation was one of the most fun things I experienced. Coming to college can be a scary thing. You are away from parents, and you get to live on your own. Through orientation I got to meet some of my best friends to this day. Like anyone I wondered who I would meet and who I would get along with, but here at USAO, you are divided into groups of people just like you. Because of this I was able to make great friends and learn many things. Orientation was a great thing."

Maggie Wilson:

"I learn a lot about myself at orientation. I learned about where my comfort zone was and how far outside of it I was willing to be pushed. I met tons of people and got to observe how every one was different and yet all very much like me. I questioned who I wanted to be in college and if that even mattered. Orientation was great because it was a moment of re-orientation in my life. College changed a lot of things for me starting the first day of orientation, and as I head into my senior year I am thankful that I have experienced it all."

Amanda Robinson:

Political Science
"For me orientation was the first time that I got to meet many of the people that I would be spending the next few years with. This was the beginning of great friendships! Orientation also helped to bridge the gap between home life and college life. My orientation leader was always there when we needed her, and it made the transition much easier."

Haley Bryant:
Speech Pathology
"The best part of orientation was the network of people I was able to make. Orientation gave me the opportunity to meet so many people who have become some of my best friends. Throughout the week I was able to meet the leaders of our school, my future professors and people who I would have class with."

Jake Rohrer:
"Coming from a family of just three, my two parents and me, my sense of community and groups of friends were limited. Having been through USAO's Orientation, I developed a circle of friends that still grows today. I'm confident it will continue to do so, and more confident that yours will too."

Daniel Bokemper:
"U.S.A.O. has awarded me an abundance of opportunities, most of which I'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.  Appropriately, I wouldn't even be aware of the endeavors (now, I consider them accolades) without being exposed to them through the university's orientation program.  In other words, I became an orientation leader in order to illuminate for all new students the adventures awaiting one within this institution, thus echoing my positive experience years ago."


Bethany Larson:
Deaf Education
During my Freshman Orientation, I was really nervous, I was one of three people from my high school on campus that week, one was an Orientation Leader. I was scared to make new friends because I had never needed to start over the college required me to. I was really grateful for my Orientation Leader watching out for me while I felt alone. Although that week was intense and maybe a little embarrassing, it was all about new experiences, and I wouldn't change anything about it.

Drake King:
"College is a huge transition. It's the point in life where, suddenly, you are responsible for cooking, laundry, bills, and waking up on time for class. It can be overwhelming going through all of these changes with no one to turn to for advise or help. Obviously you don't want to be nagging your parents all the time, that's why you came to college--to be independent and find who you really are! Freshman Orientation will help you to realize that you aren't the only one who doesn't know how much soap to put in the washing machine, or how to cook delicious foods on the stove, or even how to find the classroom that your class is supposed to be in. That's where we come in. We will help you with all of your questions and concerns as incoming freshman. If you're worried about how this orientation will affect you, let me tell you this; my freshman orientation was so fun that I wanted to do it all over again, and I did by being an orientation leader last year. I'm back again to meet some more friends, and to help you make the transition to college life as easy as possible. =)"