Outstanding Student Organization Award

The purpose of this award is to highlight the efforts of an officially recognized student organization both on campus in terms of sponsoring activities open to fellow students, as well as working with community partners on service projects. In addition to these two criteria, student groups should demonstrate that their activities, rather than the work of one or two very active individuals, involve many group members in collaboration. Campus involvement, community service, and teamwork define what we consider an outstanding student organization. 

This award required two letters of recommendation: One from the current President of the nominated student group, and a second from the organization's advisor. These two letters must be submitted online  by 5:00 p.m. Friday March 15, 2013.


STUDENT ORGANIZATION PRESIDENTS: In addition to the letter submitted above, you must also submit responses to the questions below:
1. How has your organization demonstrated camps leadership? (provide examples)
2. What community service projects has your organization participated in? (provide examples)
3. Provide examples of the various campus activities/programs your organization has hosted.
4. Explain how your organization effectively communicates and works together as a team.