Room layouts for Sparks Hall rooms and Lawson Hall apartments

Please use the following diagrams to write down the appropriate information on your on-campus housing INTERNET SIGNUP SHEET.

The internet connection in all the Lawson Hall apartments and all the Sparks Hall rooms is turned off at the beginning/end of every semester. You have to turn in a new internet signup sheet at the beginning of every semester to keep the internet connection switched on in your on-campus housing (i.e. either Lawson Hall or Sparks Hall).


IMPORTANT: You MUST know your dorm/apartment room number (and internal room number if you’re in Lawson) along with your room’s phone extension (needed on the signup sheet even if you don't use the provided phone jack in your room) in advance before filling out the internet signup sheet. The 4-digit phone extension for your room will always be written out on the phone jack itself in your room. Missing or inaccurate information can cause a delay for your internet connection to be switched back on.

Layout Display- Sparks

Layout display- Lawson

Layout Display- Lawson 2

Lawson Layout Display