Student Teaching, Differential Instructional Strategies, and Learning Development Top OCTP’s Survey Findings

The 2013 Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation’s (OCTP) first year teacher survey data identified student teaching as the backbone of Oklahoma’s Colleges of Teacher Education programs, a 91% endorsement. 

This pattern has continued over the past four years, flagging student teaching as the teacher education programs’ stronghold, averaging a 90% approval rate. 

Whereas, in contrast, OCTP’s first year administrator survey, in its third year of collecting data, disclosed first year administrative responders pinpointed the effective use of technology and how students learn and develop as the Colleges of Teacher Education programs’ strong suits, a 69% confirmation. 

Both groups agreed and earmarked content knowledge, hands-on experience, and lesson planning as the most effective consistent threads, transforming teaching and learning. 

OCTP conducts the annual first year teacher and administrator survey to inform education preparation programs on how their teacher and administrator candidates’ perceive their preparedness after entering Oklahoma’s classrooms. 

The findings are used to improve programs, impacting teacher and administrator’s practices, while enhancing student achievement.