Montmartre Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival Results 2006

303 works of art were created in only 4 hours!
733 artists competed for top honors and bragging rights for a year.
68 schools from across the state were represented.



Best of Show

#51 “Portrait of Leah”
USAO Alumni
Andy Myers


#41 “Woman”
Western Oklahoma State
Cynthia & Alex

Judges Choice

College/Adult Division

#196  “Face”
Chris Castor & Katie Ratliff


#178  “Landscape”
Carrie Brown


High School Division (10-12 grade)

#30 “Indian Face”
Altus High School
Vivain Briones


#53 “Rear View Mirror”
Wynnewood High School
Hillary Shipley
Robert Siler


#318  “Face, Red Glasses, Blue Hat”
Altus High School
Reagan Vaughan


#304  “Dream Catcher”
Bethel High School
Travis Farasyn
Jamie Kiest


#310  “Portrait, Glasses, Cigar"
Altus High School
Jared Speer


Jr High (7-9 grade)

#156  “Man with Crystal Ball”
Oklahoma School for the Deaf

Kayla Gregory
Cambria Kennedy
Jenny Miller
Kailob Miller


#204  “Homies
Central Jr. High

Sarah Connywerdy
Ben Christian


#206  “Cranial Color”
Central Jr High

Mary Salazar
Wayne Stewart
Morayma Perez
Halley Ellis


6th grade & younger

#25 “Dog”
Altus Intermediate

Matt Wilhite
Chase Garrison


#219  “Bambi”
Cyril Elementary