Tutorial Scholars Program

Description of the Program

If you are a highly motivated, competent, self-directed student, then the USAO Tutorial Scholars program might be for you. It is our version of a letters of liberal arts degree--with a twist: you are in complete control of your own personalized course of study. If you want to work harder and accomplish more than is generally done within the framework of a traditional major, if you want to explore trans-disciplinary interrelationships, if you want to do in-depth individual research under faculty guidance, you might be the ideal Tutorial Scholar and be eligible to receive the most prestigious degree offered by USAO.

  1. Eligibility

    In order to be eligible for admission to the Tutorial Scholars Program, a student:



  • Must have attained second year standing as defined by the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma,

  • Must have completed appropriate IDS courses or their equivalent,

  • Must have attained a cumulative college grade-point average of 3.5 based on a 4.0 scale: (a limited number of selected students are admitted with grade-point averages below 3.5), and

  • Must have the approval of the Curriculum Committee of the University.


  1. Program Requirements

Tutorial Scholars are exempt from formal requirements associated with major and minor fields of study. Instead, with the guidance of a Tutorial Coordinator, they must follow an approved interdisciplinary curriculum to the satisfaction of their Tutorial Scholars Committee. The Coordinator serves as the Tutorial Scholar's academic advisor. Under the Coordinator's guidance, Tutorial Scholars participate in regularly scheduled classes as well as in tutorials specifically designed for and by them.

Graduates of the Tutorial Scholars Program must complete all the requirements for a Bachelor’s degree as specified in the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Policy Manual. These requirements include:

  • Completing a minimum of 124 credit-hours

  • Completing a minimum of 40 hours of upper division work

  • Fulfilling all the requirements of USAO’s mandated interdisciplinary core (IDS)

  • Completing a minimum of 30 hours in a major field of study. This field of study should be interdisciplinary, but focused on fields of study in which USAO is authorized to offer degrees. (That is to say on interdisciplinary combinations or variations of USAO’s 23 major fields of study and not on Nursing, Engineering, or Slavic languages.) The curriculum of a Tutorial Scholars program should emphasize interdisciplinary and scholarly innovation. It is not the purpose of the program to offer alternative curricula in existing majors.

  • Each individualized Tutorial Scholars curriculum should offer an academic experience that is sufficiently unique, engaging, rewarding, and rigorous to justify its approval for this special degree option.


  1. Applying for the Program

The process of applying for the program is as follows:

  1. Obtain a Tutorial Scholars Program Admittance Request form from the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Fill out Section a: Eligibility for Tutorial Scholars Program and obtain the signature of the Registrar certifying this eligibility.

  1. Find a qualified, full-time faculty member willing to act as your Tutorial coordinator. With the advice and approval of this coordinator, assemble a committee willing to act as your Tutorial Scholars Committee. Your Coordinator and your committee should fit the following criteria:

  • They should be full-time faculty

  • Their areas of expertise should be appropriate to the field of study.

  • They should be willing to work with the Tutorial Scholar and the Coordinator to provide the student with a quality, individualized course of study leading to a baccalaureate degree.

  1. With the guidance of the Tutorial Coordinator and the Tutorial Scholars Committee, design a curriculum that meets all of the requirements laid out in Section 3, above.

  1. Fill out Section B: Program Description of the Tutorial Scholars Program Admittance Request form. In this section, you will provide a name for the proposed course of study and a rationale for this unique program. Attach a copy of the proposed curriculum and secure the signatures of the Tutorial Coordinator and all committee members certifying that they are satisfied that the enumerated curriculum meets the Tutorial Scholars Program requirements.

  1. Submit the Application to the Curriculum Committee, for the signature of the committee chair in Section C: Curriculum Committee Approval, certifying that the student, committee, and curriculum meet all of the program requirements.

  1. If approved, the Curriculum Committee will forward the application to the Vice President of Academic Affairs for final approval. The Office of Academic Affairs will open a file for the Tutorial Scholar and return signed copies to the student and the Tutorial Coordinator.