USAO Drover Dancers

Who we are:

The USAO Drover Dancers is a fun way to spend your time. It is not a competitive squad but is instead a squad set up for entertaining the crowd and supporting the USAO basketball teams at the home games.

How to apply:

Tryouts are held in the early part of the fall trimester.   There is an opportunity to get information about the Drover Dancers during the Annual Ice Cream Social during Welcome Week. 


We looks for members who have general and basic knowledge of dance and are able to encourage crowd involvement. In the past we have also looked at 'mesh-ablity' (i.e. how well people interact with each other; ability to take and give directions.)

Those trying out will learn a routine that will incorporate a variety of dance skills. They will perform this routine in pairs as part of the tryout. 

Each participant will also need to create a dance or chant to perform individually. This is an opportunity to show your best skills and personality. 

If needed interviews will be held to determine who best fits the requirements for the squad.



Scholarships for the squad members are given in the form of a tuition waiver. Base scholarship amount is $250 per trimester, but this can be increased depending on varying factors (see below). If your Financial Aid packet doesn't allow for scholarships, they cannot be awarded. BUT THAT DOES NOT IMPEDE ANYONE FROM JOINING THE SQUAD. Scholarships are distributed by the coach/sponsor, and the amount may be based on talent, need, seniority or captain status.

Contact info:

If you're a high school senior and would like to know more about the admissions process for coming to USAO, please contact the USAO Admissions Office (Troutt Hall, room 225). The Admissions Office can be contacted by phone at 405-574-1357 or email at or on the web at /admissions

Also, please feel free to visit the office of Financial Aid (Troutt Hall, room 112d) for information about your scholarship eligibility for the Drover Dancers. You can also visit the USAO Financial Aid webpage at /usao-aid/

For any other information, please contact the Drover Dancers coach/sponsor, Emily Hector,  through the office of Student Services at 405-574-1278 or email her at

Come join the fun and show your Drover pride at USAO!