Students begin their journey through the IDS core by building a firm foundation of skills that include writing, argument, mathematics and computer applications. With those skills in place, students then proceed through an array of courses that progress in a logical sequence from the self to the natural world, to the community and nation, to the world of ideas.

Skills Courses:                

IDS 1013                    Rhetoric and Critical Thinking
IDS 1113                    Writing I
IDS 1213                    Writing II
IDS 1223                    Math in the Modern World

Ideas Courses: The Self

IDS 1133                    The Individual in Contemporary Society
PHED 1011                  Concepts of Health and Fitness
Physical Activity           Choose 1 hour from approved courses
Artistic Expression        Choose 2 hours from approved courses

Ideas Courses: The Natural World

IDS 2013                    Foundations of Physical Science
IDS 2023                    Foundations of Life Science
IDS 2011                    Foundations of Science Lab

Ideas Courses: The Community and the Nation

IDS 2133                    American Civilization I 
IDS 2143                    American Civilization II
IDS 3223                    Political and Economic Systems and Theories

Ideas Courses: The World of Ideas

IDS 3313                   World Thought and Culture I
IDS 3323                   World Thought and Culture II
IDS 4333                   World Thought and Culture III
IDS 4522                   Senior Seminar or
                               The Research Endorsement