A message from the Chair, Dr. J.C. Sanders

Welcome to the Division of Science and Physical Education homepage.

Want to guarantee yourself a good job in the 21st Century? There exist serious concerns that the United States might fail to occupy its pre-eminent world position of wealth, power, and influence due to a crisis in STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Projections for inadequate numbers of US-born college graduates in these areas to fill professional positions promise a bright future to students who "tough out" degrees in the Sciences. USAO offers degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Natural Science, Physics, and Mathematics to prepare you for a "STEM" job upon graduation. We can also prepare you for advanced degrees in these fields or for professional training in the health sciences including pre-medicine. USAO has a commitment to quality instruction, reasonable class size, and the personal attention that make the rigor of a Sciences or Mathematics education accessible to students willing to commit themselves to the promise of America's future. Maybe the right kind of science education really is "your thing".