Chair, Dr. Chris Walker

Welcome to the Division of Social Sciences and Business homepage, home of the largest Academic Division at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma!  Because of our size and diversity, the Division is able to offer a variety of degree programs within our two Program Areas of Business and the Social Sciences:


USAO's business degrees combine the practical procedure of the discipline with the people-oriented aspect of the liberal arts.  Business students here find an emphasis on such areas as effective evaluation of factual information, working efficiently with others, the promotion of moral and ethical values within the business community, and sound and creative decision making.  The Bachelor of Science Degree is offered in Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, and Management.

As an alternative to the B.S. degree, students may pursue a short course in business to prepare for office positions.  USAO offers a One-Year Certificate Program (40 credit hours) and a Two-Year Certificate Program (64 credit hours).  The training is designed to enable students to become general office workers, typists, stenographers, secretaries, and bookkeepers.  After completing the certificate requirements, students may transfer to a degree program.  All degree requirements must be satisfied.

Social Sciences

The Social Sciences at USAO include degree programs in American Indian Studies, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.  Study in these areas links the past with the present, investigates individual and social behavior, and explores human value systems, past and present.

Please take a few minutes and visit our site.  If you have any questions or comments, call me at (405) 224-3140 or e-mail me.  For additional information on our programs, please visit the individual websites.