African-American Student Association

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Mission Statement:

 The African-American Association encourages cultural awareness, diversity, and acts as a support group for all people interested in not only African-American issues, but also world issues. Our organization also promotes educational and volunteer programs on our campus and within our community. Membership is open to everyone, and meeting times will be posted weekly.



Welcome back everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful break, because now it is time to get back in the books!

The first event of the Spring '06 semester, a program honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,  took place Monday, January 16 @ 7:00 PM in the Davis Hall Theater. The program's keynote speaker was the wonderful Rev. Carey Casey who delivered an entertaining, yet moving, and greatly inspiring  speech. We thank Rev. Casey for being with us and delivering such a great message of profound meaning. 

Due to the catastrophic destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, there have been many people and families unspeakably affected. Our prayers and thoughts are with all who have been affected by this event. In an effort to help in the Hurricane Katrina recovery, the African-American Association has set up the Sterling Family Recovery Fund to aid in the recovery of the family a USAO student who incurred great loss during the hurricane. If anyone wants to help by placing a donation, or donating food or clothing, please contact any member of the executive board. Any help or donation will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


AASA's next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 24 @ 7:00 pm in the Lawson Court Conference Room.

The events listed and other AASA activities can only happen with the support of our fellow students, faculty, and community. Please help in the success of this organization by becoming active members, donators, and moral supporters. If you are interested in becoming a member of the African-American Association or are just curious about the organization, feel free to attend a meeting or contact a member of the Executive board. (Contact information can be found at the top of each page under the ‘Contacts’ link.