Works selected for the 7-State Biennial Exhibition


Barber, Robbie

            “Bullet House,” “Drill House,” “Red Tobacco”

Beach-Stamper, Diana

            “She Calls Them to Her”

Blake, Kathleen

            “The Best of Both Worlds”

Brown, Steven L.

            “Skyline Park : Night in Wheatland”

Burris, Sharon

            “Fleeting Dreams,” “Hunter’s Moon”

Chew, Carla


Clark, Andrus

            “Cloud Drip Triptych.”

Crain, Janey

            “Silent Spring Series #1”

Delaughter, Jenny


Ellis, Rudy

            “Olokum,” “Fallen Angel”

Flexner, Birthe

            “Energy Space”

Ford, Ya La’

            “Servant of Two Masters”

Hillard, Heather Clark

            “Energyscape: Kenai River Alaska”

Holladay, Don

            “Soldier’s Bride”

Holland, David

            “The Softening of a Memory”

Lewin, Stephen

            “Corduroy Sky”

Main, Edward

            “Rushes and Water”

Martin, Traci


Mathews – Gordon, Janice

            “Changing Wind II”

McCoy, Paul A.

            “Winter Event,” “Trinity”

Medina, Paul

            “Man in the Middle”

Miller, Donna

            “Life or Death?”

Miller, Steve

            “The Image Bearer”

Oswalt, George

            “Smuggled Hope”

Pennebaker, Ed

            “Air Earth Fire,” “Ripples”

Piehl, Angela


Phelps, David

            “Love is Strange,” “Hot Off the Press,” “Watership Down”

Shaw Elder, Douglas

            “Totemic Series “Phidias”, “Laconic Series II”

Smith, Diana J.           


Walsh, Paul


Watkins, Corazon

            “Life of a Woman”

Wilson, George