Aaron Manuel / Physics and Mathematics

Anyone serious about their education can come here and succeed. The faculty are approachable and interested in the students. I feel welcome and know that I’m in the right place.

Albert Loveless/ Art / Alumni / Graphic Designer

I would not trade my experience at USAO for anything. If you are a potential student and trying to decide on whether or not to becoming a USAO Drover, my advice is to just jump in and give it a go...

Ana Moreno / Business

Living on campus is amazing because you get more involved and build more relationships.

Anthony Klipp / Natural Science

College is the time of your life where you discover who you are; USAO has been essential in helping me make that discovery.

Chanel Dae Lantz / Art

Now that I'm finally here, I'm realizing more and more that USAO is like a big family. USAO has so much to offer from its art department. So, it was like a dream come true for me and probably every...

Chris Jeffries / Math and Business

USAO is a college where no individual is limited to what he or she can do. If a person in a science major they can still sing in the choir and a business major can still star in a drama production.

Daniel Pool / Psychology

USAO’s small town charm and challenging classes make it a great place to attend." "Home. USAO is where I have grown and changed the most, but still in a familiar setting.

Dave Kunitz/ Physical Education and Natural Science

Both USAO and Chickasha were instrumental in my decision to continue my studies after my athletic eligibility expired. Chickasha will always hold a special place in my life, and I'm grateful to have...

Denise Castillo/ Anadarko, OK / 2011

I believe the American Indian Studies program is an interdisciplinary array of studies within itself. The range of topics from political, cultural and literature, as well as many off campus...

Dexter Nelson II / History

I love life on campus, everyone at USAO is like one big family.

Dr. Chris Walker/ Associate Professor of Psychology / Division Chair of Social Sciences and Business

Since arriving at USAO in 2004 I have been able to work with an incredibly gifted set of colleagues and interact with bright and curious students. Through USAO’s symposium series I have been able to...

Dr. J.C. Sanders/ Assistant Professor of Physics / Division Chair of Science and Physical Education

As a faculty member, the small class sizes allow me to engage and challenge students on an individual level.  I am able to help my students outside of class on a daily basis as they work through...

Dr. Jennifer Long

Our core curriculum remains as innovative today as when it was created half a century ago. The team teaching model compels students to integrate knowledge from across academic fields while wrestling...

Dr. Stephen Weber/ Professor of Music

Students gain valuable critical thinking, analytical, creative problem solving, and synthesizing skills through the IDS core. These skills give them a decided edge in the workplace. In addition to...

Dr. Vicki Ferguson/ Director of Teacher Education / Division Chair of Education and Speech-Language Pathology

USAO offers the opportunity to be part of a caring, interactive community where a college student can receive personal attention.  The transition from high school to the responsibilies of productive...

Dr. Zach Simpson

Interdisciplinary study allows us to discuss and engage a topic from a number of different angles. In doing so, we hope to more realistically represent the complex and changing world in which we live.

Elaynie Melton

USAO offers free tutoring, direct contact with the professors, friendly staff and the campus is environmentally friendly, too.

Erin Siobhan Smith/ Art / Alumni / Museum Curator

I believe USAO to be a model for what other universities should strive to be: genuinely invested in the future of its students, diverse enough to foster success for all students from the athletes to...

Galela Kirkland

I transferred to USAO because of its great biology program and its home-like campus that is filled with friendly, helpful and unique faculty and students. Becoming involved in clubs such as Biology...

Heather Heck / Art

I’m a creative person and the arts have always been appealing to me and when it came to choosing a college, I knew liberal arts was the way I wanted to go. USAO won my heart over. No boring...