Cost of Attendance

Tuition and Fees - Fall 2015, Spring 2016, & Summer 2016

An undergraduate education at a state-supported university is still one of the best bargains to be found.  Fees set by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education do change from time to time - but there's virtually no other endeavor in the world that is going to provide so much for the money.

Enrollment Fees for Academic Trimester

The following rates for tuition, fees, and other expense information are stated as per USAO Board of Regents action in June 2015.  The rates and rules are subject to changes as authorized by the State of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, and the USAO Board of Regents.  Additional information is available upon request from the Office of Admissions or the Business Office.

The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma has implemented a flat tuition and mandatory fee structure for full-time students carrying 12 or more credit hours.  The new flat rate is based on 15 credit hours per trimester and is similar to models utilized by many public and private institutions of higher education nationwide.  It encourages students to graduate in a shorter amount of time.

Full-time students enrolled in 12-18 credit hours will be charged a flat rate equivalent to 15-credit hours.  Students enrolled in more than 18 credit hours will be charged the flat rate plus the per credit hour rate for each credit over 18 enrolled hours.  Students enrolled in less than 12 credit hours will be charged the FY 15-16 per credit hour rate.  This structure applies to the Fall/Spring trimesters only, the Independent Study and Summer trimester enrollments will be charged on an actual per credit hour basis.

Tuition Charges

Oklahoma Resident Tuition:       $180.00 per credit hour

Oklahoma Locked Tuition:         $207.00 per credit hour

Out-of-state Additional Tuition:  $315.00 per credit hour

Required Student Fees
(per credit hour for all students)

Total per credit hour charge for student fees:  $39.00

Special Fees, Charges, and Expenses

Course Fees:  Mission Enhancement Fee (IDS Courses):  $30 per credit

Freshman Experience Fee:  $50.00 per student

Application Fee:   $40.00

Advanced Standing Exam Fee (per credit hour)

Local:   $5.00

National National testing agency rate

Art:     Cost of materials used

Audit:  Same charge as for credit

Books and Classroom Supplies:  Approx. $100.00 per course

International Student Record Fee:   $15.00 per trimester

Late Enrollment Fee:    $5.00

Private Lessons in Music Performance Classes

1.  For students enrolled in 12 or more hours (8 hours if enrolled in only the 10-week term of the third trimester):     $18.00 per credit hour

2.  For students enrolled in less than 12 hours (8 hours if enrolled in only the 10-week term of the third trimester):    $60.00 first credit hour/$18.00 each additional hour

Re-enrollment after withdrawal:    $5.00

Remedial Course Fee (in addition to regular tuition):     $20.00 per zero-level credit hour

Science Laboratory:       Cost of breakage

Speech and Hearing Clinic (for non-USAO students)

Audiological Evaluation:    $15.00

Hearing Aid Evaluation:     $15.00

Language Evaluation:       $30.00

Speech Evaluation:           $15.00

Therapy:      $60.00 per trimester (approx. 30 therapy sessions)

Speech and Hearing Clinic (for USAO students)

Speech, one voice and/or language evaluation (includes tests, measurements, and interviews required for initial evaluation and diagnosis):      $10.00

Therapy sessions prepaid by the month (Therapy sessions for speech, voice, and language disorders may take from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the needs of the client. Most clients will be seen for individual sessions, but some may be treated in small groups, one or more sessions per week, depending on the needs of the client):        $20.00

Audiological Evaluation (includes air conduction thresholds, bone conduction tests, speech thresholds, etc.):     $7.50

Student ID Card Replacement:    $25.00

Fast Track Scholarship (Third Trimester Enrollment)
The Fast Track Scholarship is a unique, renewable scholarship that can help you cut the cost of your education nearly 25 percent.  The Fast Track Scholarship is available to any Oklahoma resident who is a graduate of an Oklahoma high school and enters USAO as a beginning first-year student and who attends the first and second trimesters consecutively as a full-time student (completing a minimum of 12 semester hours each trimester.)  Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours during the independent study and/or summer term to qualify.  The scholarship pays tuition up to 14 semester hours.  The scholarship will be continued for three years if the student makes satisfactory academic progress and remains in continuous, full-time attendance.

Collection of Fees and Tuition

  1. General enrollment fees and nonresident tuition and other fees are due on or prior to the first day of class.

  2. Late payment will require payment in full of the regular fees and tuition amounts plus a $5.00 Late Payment Fee, and interest charges may be assessed.

  3. Special arrangements for deferred payment must be approved and documented with the Business office.

  4. For your convenience, the Business Office accepts Discover Card, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express for full or installment payments.

Refund of Fees and Tuition

A student incurs financial obligation at the time of enrollment for classes.  If a student wants to withdraw, he or she must officially withdraw in person or by letter.  Not attending class is not a withdrawal and the student is still financially responsible for the charges.  USAO complies with current federal and state withdrawal/refund policies.

Students who add or drop a class or completely withdraw from the institution during the add-drop period (first five days of a regular trimester, first three days of a summer trimester, or the first day for Independent Study) will receive full credit on their bill for courses dropped or full charges for courses added.  No refunds will be made after the add-drop period for that session.

Refund of Room and Board

If a student withdraws from the University within the first five weeks of the beginning of a regular academic term, the student will be eligible for a refund of two-thirds of the room and board charges for the term.  Any unused declining balance portion of the meal plan will be refunded.  There will be no room and board refunds after the first five weeks of an academic term (or first three weeks of summer term).