Mission & Objectives


The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma is the state's public liberal arts college. Its mission is to provide the public with a distinctive and accessible liberal arts and sciences education. In combining an interdisciplinary core curriculum with superior instruction in major fields of study, USAO aims to provide a thorough education that prepares students for meaningful, purposeful lives.


USAO has adopted the following set of objectives consistent with its mission and the functions assigned by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education:

  1. To provide an outstanding general education program for the State of Oklahoma with strong offerings in the liberal arts and sciences. This program will feature interdisciplinary team-teaching and will extend throughout the undergraduate experience.
  2. To offer programs of study approved by the State Regents for Higher Education, culminating in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees.
  3. To offer a limited number of career, professional, and specialized degree programs which would be especially strengthened when combined with an interdisciplinary, liberal arts foundation.
  4. To provide a learning environment suited to the needs of academically and artistically talented students while offering students the advantages of an interdisciplinary, liberal arts program.
  5. To assemble a faculty whose interests, knowledge, and experiences transcend their specialized fields of graduate study and who are dedicated to liberal arts education.
  6. To operate on a flexible trimester plan which will permit some students to complete a baccalaureate degree in three years and allow all students to progress in their academic programs at a rate which they desire.
  7. To foster scholarly activities appropriate to the nature and the needs of the university.
  8. To provide cultural, educational, and professional opportunities and services which enrich the university and the community.