American Indian Studies

American Indian Studies

  I found the subject to be quite interesting.  I thought it would be beneficial to know about the Indian culture since we live side by side with the Native Americans here in Oklahoma.  -Beth Powell/Ninnekah, OK

Located between the Five Civilized Tribes to the east and the Plains Indian Tribes of the west, the region around USAO is home to more than 40 federally-recognized Indian tribes. USAO has long attracted a large number of American Indian college students (13% of enrollment). USAO’s decades-long commitment to an American Indian studies degree program and its development of an American Indian arts degree program provide a rich academic context for the development of new approaches to the study of American Indian humanities.

The American Indian studies program provides knowledge of the traditions and history of the first Americans and an understanding of the unique relationship of the United States government to the tribes and individual American Indians. Its curriculum has shifted to accommodate changing contemporary requirements of students. Greater emphasis has been placed on acquiring quantitative skills and on study in financial management and intergovernmental relations. The goal of the American Indian studies program is to develop a diverse student body to include American Indians from the many tribes in Oklahoma and the nation. In addition to traditional on-campus offerings, the program also offers extension inservice and mid-career training.

As an academic program, American Indian studies is designed to advance USAO’s interdisciplinary, liberal arts mission and further enrich the IDS experience. Students are advised to select a second major that is especially suited for acquiring marketable skills that complement an American Indian studies degree for entry into a chosen career upon graduation. American Indian tribes collectively make up one of the largest employers in Oklahoma and holding a degree or a minor in American Indian studies can improve employability in related fields.

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