Art (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

Art (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

  The art program at USAO is vastly interdisciplinary, and infuses writing, science and music into everyday art curriculum.  It provides a link between aspects of education that would otherwise not be connected at any other university. -Logan Webb/Altus, OK

The successful artist must develop intellectual, philosophical and technical strength, possess a broad worldview and demonstrate the ability to solve problems in a creative and self-assured manner.

USAO’s art program is built upon these three basic tenets. 

Our professionally-staffed art courses are specifically designed to teach visual language in a logical sequence of courses. This program reinforces and broadens a student’s professional education, preparing him or her for a successful career. USAO's liberal arts model places the highest premium on communication and, as artists, we are committed to our role as visual communicators.

USAO’s art program offers a bachelor’s degree of fine art and bachelor’s degree in art, with concentrations in drawing, design, figure, printmaking, painting, sculpture, ceramics/pottery, jewelry/metals, graphic design, graphics, photography and computer graphics.

Small classes make a difference. As a USAO art major, expect an atmosphere where your instructors know your strengths and weaknesses as well as your first and last name.

Students seeking the BFA degree must make application for admission into the program during the second year in art. Additional details are available in the catalog or from a faculty member in art.

Note: Items on this page and page links are intended for informational purposes only. Please consult the current USAO catalog for actual class requirements for this or any other major field of study. Current USAO students should consult their advisor.

Notable Alumni

  • Justin Voight

    Justin Voight | 2001

    Voight took his USAO lessons to each coast and back to Oklahoma as a fashion and commercial photographer.
  • Jonathon Fowler | 2007

    I attribute the diverse education I received from USAO to my success in my career.
  • Wendy Chambers | 2012

    Wendy chose USAO because of its quality art department that fosters each and every student.
  • Lindi Collins | 2001

    Lindi Collins uses her artistic skills and business sense in her success personally-owned floral design business.