A biology degree provides a great knowledge basis for pre-health as well as challenges you to think critically by forcing you to assimilate multiple aspects of science.  -Matthew Crow/Collierville, TN

Biology is the study of life from the cellular structure of plants and animals to the environmental issues of a local or global nature. A biologist investigates how organisms are structured, how they evolve, how their life processes function and how they interact with the rest of the environment. 

Most biologists conduct research to answer the basic questions of how organisms are interrelated. The result of this research can include advances in medicine and public policy. This major prepares the student for a multitude of employment possibilities including graduate and professional schools and careers in biomedicine and research, allied health, private industry and education. 

USAO’s biology curriculum provides the student with both an introduction to and a competency in the study of living organisms and encourages the student to develop the skills of independent and critical thought. 

It also seeks to provide a flexible program to meet the needs of students wishing to enter any of the numerous careers open to them as biology majors. A minor in biology is also available.

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