The business program at USAO is perhaps the best program to educate students about "real-world" scenarios that one will encounter after graduation.  -Kaitlyn Worner/Moore, OK

USAO’s Bachelor of Science degree in business combines the practical procedure of the discipline with the people-oriented aspect of the liberal arts. Business students find an emphasis on effective evaluation of factual information, working efficiently with others, the promotion of moral and ethical values within the business community as well as sound and creative decision making. Business majors have a 33-hour business core designed to ensure student success in the business field. In addition, students have the flexibility of tailoring their program through an additional 15 hours in business elective courses to earn an emphasis in accounting, business administration or management.

Emphasis in accounting provides students with a knowledge of the theory and practice of accounting and the skills necessary to stay abreast of continuing developments in their field. Additionally, students are encouraged to recognize the importance of professional ethics, personal responsibility and the continuing development of leadership skills.

Emphasis in management offers dynamic possibilities for study and employment. It prepares students for leadership careers with business or nonprofit organizations. It involves the study of knowledge bases and applications relevant to management careers.

Emphasis in business administration will provide you with a broad education in all business areas. If you have a specific, nontraditional business career in mind or plan to open a small business, a general business degree will enhance your chances for success as an entrepreneur because you can design a plan of study to meet your goals.

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